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Before the end of the year
x La Vanguardia & 8tv
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How to create a disruptive format for the New Year's Eve galas? How to create an innovative, fun, and disruptive New Year's Eve show? La Vanguardia (general newspaper published in Barcelona for all of Spain), 8tv (regional TV channel), and The Creative Agency joined forces to create the first non-stop 24-hour live TV show.
We created a new 24h transmedia live gala format presented and directed by Bibiana Ballbè. 8tv and La Vanguardia were the platforms chosen for the broadcasting and diffusion of this new format. We also had the support of brands such as Glovo, Estrella, Cacaolat, and Vallformosa in terms of branded content.

We divided the strategy into three phases:

  • Before: a digital strategy to generate expectation. For 15 days we generated content prior to the gala, unveiled the names of the guests, and published different articles about the program on social networks and in La Vanguardia.
  • During the 24h live: broadcasting the TV program live on 8tv and also on the front page of La Vanguardia digital, along with a social media campaign where we published more than 700 posts on the different channels of 8tv, La Vanguardia, TheCreative and Bibiana Ballbè’s own networks.
  • After: a content strategy focused on different articles in La Vanguardia with the most important interviews. A 2h summary program was also broadcasted on 8tv during New Year’s Eve and a weekly half-hour program on 8tv with the most outstanding interviews during the following two months of the live broadcast.
Before the end of the year was a resounding success that everyone talked about during Christmas 2021 with more than 50 featured guests such as Risto Mejide, Pau Gasol, Mercedes Milà, Ada Colau, Samanta Hudson or La Jedet among many more.
2.650 min
of digital content spread over 20 days
tv audience
9’5M digital potencial audience

2M impressions

1’7M displays