Young Changemakers
Young changemakers
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To raise awareness of the Young Changemakers 2021 Campaign of Ashoka – a non-profit foundation that identifies, connects ,and accompanies leaders in social innovation. Make the chosen projects visible. Inspire young – and not so young – people to become social agents, position the brand in networks and improve engagement. Increase traffic to its website and next year's nominations.
Storytelling that transmits the values of Ashoka and the Young Changemakers 2021 campaign, with the aim of connecting with the youngest – and not so young – and making them see that they are the engine to get out of the crisis.

A digital campaign with the creation of a strategy for website, social networks paid media.

We built an audiovisual manifesto to promote the Young Changemakers 2021 campaign. An audiovisual project where 6 changemakers gave voice to the manifesto to encourage other young people to join and raise awareness about the change they want to see in the world. A project full of youth and hope with persuasive messages and a close communication tone.