x Cacaolat
Making big the chocolate milkshake-loving digital community.
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How make Cacaolat (the most consumed traditional milk and cocoa milkshake brand in Catalonia) connect with its digital audience? How to position the brand and grow its community digitally?
From The Creative Agency, we defined a content strategy that appeals to the different targets of the Cacaolat community.

With a broad vision of Social Networks, we generated content on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with the aim of connecting with the different targets of Cacaolat. We don’t just want to talk about the product, but also give it a twist with real-time content and user-generated content to be close to the community at all times. We also make collaborations with influencers and sweepstakes with products to expand and entertain the Cacaolat community.

We achieve sustained growth of the community that increases every month and also a more participative community that comments and interacts in all posts.
+ 1K followers every month

5% ER average per month

+ de 10K interactions per month