Caixaforum +
The culture that awaits you
x Fundación "La Caixa"
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Create the campaign to kick off CaixaForum+, a revolutionary project that aims to bring culture to anyone through free audiovisual content.
An online and offline campaign to present CaixaForum+ under the claim "The culture that awaits you".

A 360 campaign with audiovisual pieces for radio, television, and social media, and offline pieces of posters to fill the main Spanish cities with the launch of this platform.

From The Creative, we also coordinated the whole cast of cultural influencers appearing in the campaign such as Rossy de Palma, Palomo Spain, Maria Arnal, Isabel Coixet and Blanca Li. The main song was produced especially for the ocasion in collaboration with Delafé.

A unique project in which the Spanish cultural world turned to promote culture and science.