100 question challenge
Banc Sabadell
#content #storytelling #production #filming #design
Activate the digital community of Sabadell bank, Spain's fourth largest private banking group, and reach the younger audience.
We designed an interactive digital campaign in which 10 creatives were subjected to a battery of questions and in which the viewer could participate and interact.

The project revealed the professional and personal particularities of emerging artistic talent. Because it is through the stimulation of the brain exposed to a storm of unconnected and unexpected questions that the most brilliant solutions and answers are obtained. Young designers, filmmakers, illustrators, photographers, artists, and actors, showed with their answers that creativity is a transversal discipline, that it can be learned, and that it brings social and economic values.

The protagonists were the filmmaker Dani de la Orden; actor and visual artist Fèlix Pons; illustrator David Méndez; photographer, visual artist and journalist Laia Abril; chocolatier Miquel Coulibaly; dance collective Handmade Dance; designer Andrea Ayala; illustrator Banessa Millet; musician Cristian Saucedo; and digital artist Edu Prats, all members of TheCreativeNet platform.

Which creatives dare to take on this challenge?