Unexpected Red Art
for Campari

Imagine a Villa in the middle of Barcelona. Imagine some of the most magic places on earth. Imagine a house full of creative minds working on unexpected art works. And imagine a one-day pop-up exhibition. That was Unexpected Red Art, an amazing evening that counted with the life performance of some amazing artists & the support of Campari.

We got together 4 emerging artists and gave them 3 concepts: Unexpected + Red + Art. With this starting point, they had totally freedom to create 4 artworks that where to inspire and surprise the whole audience coming for an unforgettable evening at Villa Myfair.

Alejandra Atarés , Lauro Samblás, DosTopos & Pau Sampera received an empty room in a special place and had the challenge to built an artwork during one night while the guests where watching their creative process.

The result was a touching evening and a great activation & branded content campaign for Campari where art became the center.