for Aigües de Barcelona

Aigües de Barcelona came up with the mission of connecting more to the city of Barcelona and becoming more real, human and empathic. They wanted to make their efforts and value more visible to the citizens of the city and show their research efforts and innovation capabilities.

Creative Project – We came up with TheWaterNet: A digital platform that identifies, connects, interconnects and gives visibility to the talent related to the world of Water. An open and always under construction project whose origins come from the underlying need to acknowledge and strengthen the community around the knowledge & necessity of water.

To do so, TheWaterNet consists of an interactive map with over 500 talent references that grows organically through the endorsements of each member. How? Talent recommending talent.

In addition to the network, with the clear intention to share all kinds of content related to Water, CREA, adds up. A Space dedicated -not only to showcase news and upcoming projects of members of the network- but also as a platform where interviews, conferences & talks take place. A website where the importance of water in every field is reinforced.