for Chic&Basic

Every month, in TheCreativeTalks, we make a talk taught by different creatives from the Spanish outlook. The sessions last one hour and are normally realised on the Chic&Basic hotels, a space that allows the public to interact with the artist at all time. That’s how we break the barrier between the artist and the public.

The objective is to help the creatives to promote their works and show their portfolio, while at the same time allows the public to make questions and commentaries. The atmosphere is relaxed and ludic. Anyone can attend to the talks reserving a free ticket and learn new things about different creativity sectors.

Some of the artists we’ve worked with until now are Malika Favre, Patrick Thomas, Maria Diamantes, Iván Castro, Anne Roig, Jordi Valls, Carla Cascales and Nuria Guiu, or the Cabeza Patata studio.

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