The Cocktail Experience
for Torres

Torres 15 wanted to connect its brand new re-launched Brandy with the creative community of the city of Barcelona: Designers, Architects, Musicians, Artists, Dj’s, actors & so on. The brand needed a repositioning and we were there to offer some ideas. The result? We came up with #TheCoktailExperience a series of meet ups on top of some of the coolest Hotel Roofs in town where the creative community meets up, exchanges ideas, share projects,  have some laughs and meanwhile, enjoy a drink.

We came up with #TheCocktailExperience by Torres15. This activation gets together the most outstanding makers of the city and brings them together in some of the coolest terraces of the city. Music, cocktails & the creative Community.
How does it work? 1 creative mind from TheCreativeNet & his 10 Endorsements get together. They get to know each other, make new things happen, provoke new projects and once more: strengthen the creative community of Barcelona.