for Fundació Carulla

MUTARE is a place to co-think and to co-create about the transformation power of culture and its social impact. MUTARE is born out of the need to prove that making an impact is possible through cultural efforts. MUTARE gets together more than 300 people with a cultural and social background with the objective of establishing the elements that a cultural project needs to have in order to be able to transform society for better. MUTARE is supported by Fundació Carulla who strongly believes that culture needs to be put in the center of people’s live in order to be able to make the world a better place.

The First Edition of Mutare was a total success. More than 10 speakers and an audience of 300 people got together to think and work for stimulating better and more impacting cultural projects. Because one thing is clear: Culture has the power to transform. But was does a cultural project really has to have to be able to transform?
This is Mutare. A place to share projects, inspire people and work together for impacting society for better.
Pau LLonch, Raul Martinez, Jorge Sanchez, Jordi Sellas, Oscar Esteban, Clara Peya, Marisol Lopez i Gemma Carbó took part in this very first Edition. Ready for the next?