Kave Party
for Kave Home

One thousand square meters, two floors and a huge tree in the interior. This are the characteristics of the first physic shop of Kave Home, in Diagonal 488. For the inauguration, we helped them to create a party in style.

We wanted to create a stylish but fresh, innovative and funny event. That’s why we propose a night with a Gastro Lab with bubbles with Kave Home flavour in charge of Plat Institute, delicious food, a G’VINE cocktail bar and a lot of good music by the hand of DJ Aldo Comas. Among the many guests were Judith Mascó, Clara Mas, Agnès Busquets, Guim Tió o Zosen y Mina Amada, all of them representatives of the most cultural and of design Barcelona.

It was a night with class, with design, with amusement. Definitely, it was a Kave Home night.