for G’Vine

The challenge that G’Vine put us on the table was to devise a creative campaign that would serve to communicate the image of the brand without losing the essence or foundational values. G’Vine was born to represent the creativity and joie de vivre of modern France. Tradition and modernity, two opposing concepts, are for G’vine the two sides of the same coin that come together to offer a unique product and experience.

Voulez-vous G’Vine avec moi?

This was the basic idea on which we began to develop the campaign. To enjoy G’Vine with the best company, sharing good moments and facing together the challenges and experiences of life.

The concept of challenge was the guiding thread of the whole process. As part of the campaign we made a video inviting the G’Vine client to be free, more daring and to live less conventional experiences. And all this appealing to French savoir-faire, to the perfumed air of the countryside of Provence and to the chic style of the Parisian city.