for La Vanguardia

What will the society of the future look like? With the intention of answering this and other questions, TheCreativeNet has created FUTUROS, the new column of La Vanguardia in which Bibiana Ballbè interviews prominent personalities: thinkers, artists, teachers, scientists… who face the future from different fields of knowledge. The aim is to obtain multiple visions of the possible FUTURES that await us.

Take a look at the first three interviews:
Nº1. Gerd Leonhard, futurist who believes that the future is going to put the focus on humanity and not on digitization. Read more.
Nº2. Stefan Sagmeister, graphic designer who reflects on the importance of beauty and its impact on the society of the future. Read more.
Nº3. Robert Pearlstein, visionary and vice president of corporate business Stanford Research Institute. Read more.