Disruptive Thinking
Workshop for HP

Disruptive thinking.
HP approached us with a big challenge: They needed to discover new
scalable applications for a new product that they are developing. And
what’s better than using exceptional minds to help them find their way?
Collaborative thinking leads to the best and more creative ideas. In a very
cool scenario, we joined a group of 10 creatives from different areas such
as architecture, illustration, sculpture, design or retail, all of them from
our platform TheCreativeNet, and they participated in a workshop based
on TheCreativeMethod. What came out at the end is unbelievable: new
ideas, different points of view and projects that engaged them and may
have a very successful future.

The workshop starts by achieving a very disruptive mood and let the ideas flow. We want to first generate as many ideas and as different and unimaginable as possible. The session searches the ideal environment to be creative and finally select the best ideas through very specific techniques. Our goal is to engage the participants, and let them fall in love with their solutions.