for Estrella Damm

TheCreativeFest is festival that aims to celebrate culture in an uncommon way. A festival that gets together more than 7.000 people that want to discover the latest news, trends & names concenring creativity. A festival that shows that creativity, art & culture have the power to inspire & transform.

Conferences, workshops, talks, concerts, dj’s & foodtrucks. TheCreativeFest is a one-day-festival that empowers creativity & shows it at its best.  Creativity can be found everyone &  TheCreativeFest proves it year after year: Fashion, Design, Art, Architecture, Music, Food, Books & much more.

A line up of some of the best creative talent in different areas  shows us what the latest news & trends in terms of creativity are heading to.

This festival is born out of TheCreativeNet, a platform that aims to connect the most creative creatives and reinforce the cultural community of Barcelona.