for Milly

The American brand MILLY, known for its superb contemporary fashion
with a feminine edge, chose a very special place in Alicante, La Muralla
Roja, for the shooting of their autum & winter 2018 campaign. La Muralla
Roja is unique & mindblowing building conceptualized and built by the
famous architect Ricardo Bofill, that stands out from anything because of
it’s amazing colours, shape & design. Just the perfect spot for the Milly

The campaign has been produced by us, TheCreativeNet, under the
direction of another genius in her field, Jessica Walsh partner at
SAGMEISTER & WALSH: One of the design studios that we most respect
and admire. The result? The recreation of the #Millymoment, an
outstanding collection of Milly outfits merged with this amazing
environment, that leads to a magic output. It touches, shakes and inspires
anyone who comes across with it. Check it out and you’ll fall in love.