Las 21 Claves de la Creatividad for Lunwerg

“Las 21 Claves de la creatividad” is a book that maximizes and activates the creative skills. Everyone talks about creativity: It helps us be more productive, more efficient, more brilliant & even more happy; Companies & professionals value it every day more & more; And at a personal level it can also make a difference. The truth is:  the future can only be decoded trough it. But, what is it? What does it exactly mean? Where does creativity come from? What is its impact? Why is it so important? This book, is about this & much more.

This book synthesizes in a very rigorous and practical way the characteristics of the concept “creativity”. From different views and points of views. And it does it along with the vision & talent of 21 artists from the digital platform TheCreativeNet. A group of artists that help us decode, analyze & communicate the power of creativity. Because it  can really make a difference. Along with the book, a series of conferences & interviews at universities, schools, institutions and companies are taking place. The objective? Spread the power of creativity. Along this journey, all the artists come along.  Big thanks to all artists that are part of this: Alexis Bukowski, Ariadna Fleck, Chema Peral, Dalmau Oliveras, David Méndez, Iván Bravo, Janna Glatt, Joana Santamans, Júlia Solans, Laia Arqueros, Lara Costafreda, Lyona, Marc Pallarès, Marina Capdevila, Marta La Fuente, Monstruo Espagueti, Oriol Malet, Sergi Puyol, Superexpresso, Vanessa Millet y Vasco Mourao.