for Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia, the most Iconic Fashion Store of Barcelona, was to celebrate its 175 anniversary with Artist Miralda. A Celebration that wanted to pay tribute to the city of Barcelona through a Performance that got together Art, music, fashion & poetry. al over the city of Barcelona. A collaborative performance where all citizen were invited and that was to be unforgettable by everyone who participated and also for the ones who couldn’t. They wanted a visual document that lasted forever.

Artist Miralda turned the city of Barcelona into a great creative show that merged art with music, design, illustration, light & fashion. The performance was overwhelming and the city of Barcelona became part of this master piece of art that took place in order to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Santa Eulalia.  We organized a visual team of over 10 people that helped putting together different visual pieces that helped communicating and understanding the power of the performance created by Santa Eulalia and Miralda. The video recived over 650.000 visits.
We teamed up with It Communication and executed the Audiovisual Content of the celebration that got together hundreds of people including musicians, artists, designers, illustrators & much more to explain the story of Santa Eulalia. A night to remember. A story not to forget.