100 Question Challenge
for Banc Sabadell

Creativity is about connections. When our brain gets surprised with unexpected ideas coming from different experiences it reacts by coming up with new and innovative solutions. This is the essence of  #100QuestionChallenge : A project supported by Banc Sabadell where the the members of the creative community TheCreativeNet  underwent a lot of random questions and had to answer them immediately. Very, very fast. The result, was a campaign that proved the power of creativity.

What is Creativity? How creative are you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Would you rather have personal or professional success? Are you more creative or more intelligent? More digital or intelectual? A better friend or a better artist? 

Creative minds coming from different areas such as photography, art, design, fashion, music or gastronomy were challenged  to answer very fast to 100 questions. All the answers, their reactions, their doubts & their excitement became a digital campaign for Banc de Sabadell where the main focus was to explore creativity and give visibility to some of the most creative minds.

The project was based on the essence that creativity is about unexpected connections. And this is what we provoked when we launched the #100questionchallenge. An experiment that helped us define and organize different types of creative profiles and that invited the audience to interact and participate. We created a web site where everyone could gather the interviews of the creative minds and at the same time could expose themselves to the #100questionchallenge. At the end of the interactive test the audience  could find out what kind of creative they were and who did the resemble to.

The main characters of this first edition were the film director Dani de la Orden; the actor and artist Fèlix Pons; the illustrator David Méndez; the photographer, the visual artist and journalist Laia Abril; the chocolatier Miquel Coulibaly; the dance collective Handmade Dance; the designer Andrea Ayala; the illustrator Banessa Millet; the musician Cristian Saucedo; and the digital artist Edu Prats, all members of the TheCreativeNet platform.